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QAM - Application Framework

The QAM application framework pays special emphasis to a project’s entire life-cycle: building, testing and deploying. Most application frameworks tend to concentrate on libraries and classes to help with development, but pay little attention to the larger picture - often these are the time-consuming parts of the cycle.

QAM is available under the MIT license, and all versions are available from git://



QAM Architecture

Package Manager

QAM ships with a set build scripts for various third party application, libraries, and modules that are installed separately from your OS and are guaranteed not to conflict with anything else on your system.

Server Framework

QAM supports multiple servers running simultaneously for complex applications that require Mail, Web, Monitoring, Batch processing, etc.

Shared Application Code

Modular framework for reusing and distributing your code from within a single project or many projects.

Installed Content

All packages, server specific code, and shared application code is installed separately. This removes the chance of conflicts since every install is a fresh install.

Server Configuration and Instances

Every server runs in its own process, with its own instance. This key feature allows QAM to run multiple servers and services independently from one another but within a single project.