Starling Software K.K Language:

Proprietary Products

Starling Software currently has no proprietary products available or under development; they’ve all been sold to other companies.

If you’re interested in the QWeb Web Application Framework, you may contact Bryan Buecking for further information.

Due to contractual agreements, we cannot provide further information about RSWF, the Flash generation and modification product. Curt Sampson may, however, be available to answer questions about the SWF file format and suchlike, but unless your project is open source, you can expect to pay standard consulting rates for help on this.

Open Source Products

Both of these projects are somewhat dormant at the moment, since Curt Sampson is currently working mainly on Haskell stuff. However, if you’re interested in hacking on these, he’s willing to provide support for that.

QAM - Application Framework

The QAM application framework provides support for rapid development and automated testing and deployment. One of the most powerful facilities of this is “one-button” testing and deployment on fresh servers, ensuring that all components are present and working, and letting you set up a new test or production system in less than an hour—sometimes even just a few minutes.
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PGtools - Database Testing Framework

PGtools, an opensource project, is a collection of shell functions and Unix command-line tools aimed at making easier management of PostgreSQL database schema’s within an application building and testing, and release environment. The current primary focus is to aid both unit and functional testing, but the project certainly isn’t limited to this.
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