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Here are some of the things we belive in, because they work for us.

Customer-driven Development

We can help you figure out what can be built, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. But you decide what actually gets built, and in what order. You’re always in control. (Another way of putting this is that, sometimes you may not like the facts, but you always have them.)

Fast-loop Iterative Development

We believe in getting feedback as soon as possible, so that we can correct errors quickly and improve rapidly. We talk to everybody, all the time. When you find a problem, we fix it, right then and there.

Using Great Technology

Popular technologies, such as Java, are often popular precisely because they’re not very powerful. Many shops prefer to use tools and build systems such that anybody, even bad programmers, can work on them and stand little chance of doing much harm. They pay for this in limiting the productivity of good programmers. Our solution is simply never to let bad programmers touch the code, which allows us to use more complex tools that allow good programmers to be more productive. With good programmers being more productive, you need fewer programmers, which in turn decreases communications cost and further increases productivity.


In our company, every decision gets a cost-benefit analysis. This is not always a formal process, and often it shouldn’t be: you don’t want to spend 6000 yen in meeting time to determine whether or not you should spend 3000 yen on a new widget. But you never want to spend more than you can afford, and you always want to get the most for what you spend. We can help you do that, because that’s how we think ourselves.