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Starling is not currently hiring for any positions. Further, should Starling ever be hiring again, it would likely be for a somewhat different position than that described below, with a much heavier emphasis on functional programming and Haskell work, and very little Ruby outside of a few build system and systems administration tasks.

That said, the page about Starling’s Interview Process is still useful to other employers who are looking for interesting ideas for their own interview processes, and if you ever get a job some place where Curt Sampson has had some influence, you may encounter some of the things described there.

If you’re interested in a job where you’d be helping to write a high-frequency trading system in Haskell, you can contact Tsuru Capital for more information.

Historical Information

Most of our work is done in Haskell and Ruby running on Linux or NetBSD boxes. However, we expect our developers to be (or become) familiar with a broad range of technologies and, more importantly, the concepts behind those technologies. If you feel that, because you know one object-oriented language or RDBMS in depth, you can pick up another one easily, you may be the kind of person we’re looking for. If you can write an RDBMS, you’re even more likely to be the kind of person we’re looking for.

If you have limited experience, this may not be a major problem. While a vast amount of experience can be very useful, we’re less concerned with what you know than how fast you learn.

Things that would typically be helpful to us include strong theoretical and practical knowledge in any of the following areas:

We work in English. Japanese language skills, while not required, are useful.

For details of how to apply, and our interview process, please see the Interview Process page.