Starling Software K.K Language:

Selected Clients

Starling software provides systems administration support to AC Capital, and also hosts and manages their DNS services.

AC Capital is a consulting and financial services company, specializing in business incubation and turn-around in Asia.

Starling Software designed a new website for Humber Family Chiropractic Center with an easy to use content management system built on top of our QAM framework. Starling provides Humber Family with web hosting, DNS and mail services.

Humber Family Chiropractic Center a wide-range of services aiding to a happier, healthier life style.

For the Nagoya University Graduate School of Law, Starling designed a new web site management process and implemented a custom content management system to support this process.

Nagoya University Graduate School of Law school offers masters and doctoral degree programs in both English and in Japanese.

Starling worked with Pikkle to develop a flash generation library to generate Flash Lite pages for mobile users. RSWF uses a customized programming language to easily combine existing content from artists and add newly generated content on the fly, customizing every page view for each user.

Pikkle creates networked social entertainment applications for the web, particularly Flash-based mobile social networking sites.

Starling worked with Tribal DDB Japan and their designers on a PC and mobile campaign site. Starling's contributions included training the designers to use the CMS, creating a popular quiz using a custom library to generate Flash results pages for PC and mobile users, specialized view and mail tracking, and hosting and monitoring.

Tribal DDB Japan is a the world's largest marketing services company, a member of the S&P 500, and was recently named global agency network of the year by AdAge.

Starling builds web sites (based on the QWeb framework) and other applications for Sairis Group. Starling is developing a customized domain-​specific language for building applications on Sairis' video telephony platform.

Sairis Group is a media solutions company that develops and monetizes emerging mobile technologies. Sairis's main product is an Interactive 3G Video platform called Malibu3G™.

Starling Software helped with Script Interactive systems for re-encoding uploaded video and creating the mobile site for norton fighter.

Script Interactive specializes in brand and marketing strategy, following through with creative and integrated solutions across digital and print media.

TLC chose Starling to design, build and maintain their website.

TLC Travel is a company with experienced professionals representing luxury and high-​end products in the Canadian Travel Marketplace.

Bryan, a co-founder of Starling Software, has been hired by UrbanBrain Inc. to assist in designing, building, deploying, and operating an Internet Registry for Top-level domains.

UrbanBrain Inc. provides Internet Registry systems, including provisioning and hosting, and a wide-range of consulting services for ccTLD and new gTLD applicants.

Starling provides software development consulting services to Vanten.

Vanten is a Digital Signage ASP solution provider. Their main solution, EngageMedia™ offers a full-featured networked digital signage service that gives companies complete control over the marketing content displayed to their customers.