2009 ICFP Programming Contest

Posted on 2009-04-09 by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

Every year, the International Conference on Functional Programming sponsors a Programming Contest, which is basically a week-end of serious hacking in an attempt to prove how cool (or not) you are. (Actually, sometimes I think it’s more about the contest organizers trying to prove how cool they are–and succeeding.)

Last year, Starling and TSAC got together with a bunch of people, put together a team, and had a go at it. It was very, very enjoyable.

This year the contest is running from June 26th to 29th. It’s sponsored by the University of Kansas, led by Andy Gill–a very nice fellow whom I had the pleasure to meet and talk to at ICFP in 2008. Since the contest runs from noon Friday to noon Monday, that likely means it will be running in a U.S. time zone, and thus in Japan it will be Friday evening through Tuesday morning. The date is particularly convenient, since it happens to start the evening after a TSAC meeting, which I’m thinking will give us a chance to get acquainted, as it were, and get set up.

Please feel free to come to either or both of the April and May TSAC meetings to root for your favourite language. If you don’t do something, you just know that you’ll end up doing it in Haskell!

Actually, it would be particularly fascinating to do two teams in parallel, one in an ML-type language, and one in a LISPish language. And we have a big office, with plenty of room for a team over in the other corner. I wonder if John feels up to this?

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