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Posted on 2008-08-26 by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

As some have heard, Lars and I have been hacking a bit in our spare time on a distributed mailing list manager called ”mhailist” written in Haskell. Even in its extremely primitive state, it’s been working well enough for our internal list for discussing its development, we we thought we’d give it a try for TSAC.

If you send a note to tsac-subscribe@lists.starling-software.com you will receive either an error message, meaning you’re not subscribed, or nothing at all in response, meaning you probably are subscribed. (Responses to commands are not yet implemented. I told you it was primitive.) Sending a message to tsac@lists.starling-software.com will forward it to the list. Unsubscribe requests go to tsac-unsubscribe@lists.starling-software.com.

If you encounter any errors, please drop a note to mhailist@lists.starling-software.com or cjs@starling-software.com, preferably including the bounce message. This software is still very early in its development and will be going through some quite radical changes over the next few weeks, so we can’t guarantee its stability, but we’ll do our best.

And we’re always interested in having more people help us to work on it. Send a note to mhailist-subscribe@lists.starling-software.com and then send a note to the list if you’re interested in participating.

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