TSAC Meeting June

Posted on 2008-06-27 by Bryan Buecking :: comments enabled

8 attendees. This meeting we had two presentations on QuickCheck, followed by discussions. At the end of the meeting we began to organize our team for the ICFP Contest.

The first presentation was done by Daisuke Ikegami, Ph.D, from Osaka.

He discussed the theory of QuickCheck, practical uses, and ended his presentation with a few samples of QuickCheck written in Haskell. You can find his presentation here

The second presenter was Curt Sampson, who recently attended John Hughes' course on QuickCheck in Erlang. He took this as a chance to presente the group with a few samples of QuickCheck in Erlang, which was followed by discussion.

At the end we ask who would be interested in competing in the ICFP Programming Contest, and following people committed themselves. If anyone else feels up to the challenge please contact cjs@starling-software.net.

Here is the current roster:

  • Bryan
  • Curt
  • Daisuke (remotely)
  • Eric
  • Lars

Lastly, Daisuke was kind enough to give us the heads up on the Japanese teams that competed last year and their ranking. You can find the original Japanese copy at http://mono.kmc.gr.jp/~yhara/w/?ICFP2007Links#l6

5-th : PurelyFunctionalInfrastructure http://preferred.jp/ Small company whose members are almost students in Tokyo university or Kyoto university and they joined several times to ACM/ICPC world programming contest. They used Haskell and C++.

10-th : shinh Hamaji Shinichiro, who was graduated from Tokyo university, and now works at Google. He used a unique technique: didn’t write any code to solve, but wrote reverse engineering tools and read the given image as a binary. Finally, he added a binary patch to save endo.

12-th : kuma– 3 members who are students in Tokyo university. They won the 2nd prize of 2006 ICFP programming contest. One of the member Kazuhiro Inaba challenged alone in 2007 as kokorush.

13-th : Unknown? 2 members, who likes functional programming very much.

15-th : kokorush Kazuhiro Inaba, who is a PhD student in Tokyo university and joined several times ACM/ICPC world programming contests. He loves every programming language, especially C++ and D.

19-th : minnnanocaml 4 members who love O’Caml.

21-th : lepidum I don’t know how many, but they used Ruby

23-th : irori a person who loves programming and write very short and puzzled code to solve a problem usually for fun

82-th : aruhimorinonaka a person, I don’t know, but he writes his blog in Japanese

83-th : Tokati a person who used Java and C++

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