New Blogs and RSS

Posted on 2007-10-19 by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

After quite a while with little activity, we’re moving further into the modern blogging world. We’d decided to start a separate blog for our recently open-sourced QAM framework, which precipitated a rewrite of our home-grown blogging software. As well as adding the capability to have multiple blogs and bringing some of the internals more into the modern world of QWeb, we’ve also now added RSS Feeds.

It turns out that writing blog software is not really all that much work (at least if you’re a programmer). We’ve put in only two days of work, about two thirds of that pair-programming, to get to this point. It won’t take too much more to get comments working, although it’s a bit tricky since we run a distributed hosting system where comments may arrive on any host and must be replicated to all of them.

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