QAM Application Framework Goes Open Source

Posted on 2007-09-27 by Bryan Buecking :: comments enabled

We’re excited to announce that we’ve open sourced one of our primary development tools. Our QAM application framework, written in Ruby, is now available under the MIT licence, which makes it free for anyone to use for any purpose.

We urge everyone to download a copy of QAM from our git repository located at git://git.cynic.net./qam and give it a test drive.

By the end of next month we hope to have a full set of tutorials to help people along the way, but all you need to know to get started is to follow the code from the top Test script located in the root of the checkout.

QAM has been tested on *BSD, Linux, OSX and has limited support for windows.

If you have any questions, problems or comments please contact us

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