Posted on 2008-07-29 08:45 JST by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

久しぶり (“hisashiburi”) in Japanese means, more or less, “Long time no see.” And it’s been more than eight months since my last post; so much for the promised next one on DSLs!

As it turns out, the pressures of programming full time, running a business on top of that, and making a little non-computer time for myself leave little time for my “mostly for fun” computer-related activities, such as mailing lists, TSAC, and of course this blog. I will admit I’ve been spending a noticable amount of perhaps less-productive time posting to the TLUG mailing list; I’m thinking I should try to redirect a bit of that here.

Anyway, there’s been some good news over the last little while. We’ve now got a large business project that we’re doing in Haskell, which has been a goal for a couple of years now, we put together a team for the ICFP Programming Contest, I wrote some blog entries for that, and I spent about an hour and a half last night doing about half of the final write-up for it. This inspired me a little, and I’m going to try to put a bit more time into writing, starting with a post today on distributed systems. (Really, this time!).

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