We're Off!

Posted on 2009-06-27 13:18 by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

The problem seems like a good one this year, and even better, it’s playing to our strengths. Paul is a computational geometry kind of guy, and building a VM sounds like a fun thing to me.

Before leaving home this morning, I registered us (as “shitamachino”—once again the contest organizers are using ISO-8859-1 for names, so we can’t enter as 「下町の⊥」)

Everybody wandered in between about nine and eleven this morning, and since then we’ve figured out the details of the problem, worked out the general strategy of our program, started writing the overall structure of it, assigned various tasks to people, and installed some useful libraries, including Conal Elliott’s vector-space.

Half the team is working in Haskell, but our team has another half (John, Huang and Peter) who are implementing a solution to the problem in SBCL. We’re initially submitting separately as two teams (they’re submitting under “dysfunkycom”), but we intend later to take the best performer of the two versions for each particular scenario and submit that under one team.

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