Some Results Announced

Posted on 2008-08-15 12:30 JST by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

Some results have been made available. The first few trials of the lightning round were made available first, which just rubbed in the annoyance of forgetting to submit for that, but a few days later we also got the first seven trials of the final round, and we didn’t do that badly at all. (You can find us listed as “shitamachi no ue”.)

Apparently several contestants failed the first trial due to problems connecting to the server. One cause that there was some noise about was being able to connect when given an IP address, but not when given a hostname. That must have been rather frustrating.

Trial 1 Map This contest appeared to get a lot of participation, with 282 teams listed in the initial trial, 266 of whom passed and 17 of whom failed. Five of these failures errored out in every round, presumably not connecting to the server, one (SATiriker) erroring out only in the last round (Coredump? Or just returning a non-zero exit code by accident?), and the remainder timing out all runs. Most of the successful rovers made it home in all five runs, though there were a few timeouts and craters.

Trial 2 Map The second trial dropped another 46, leaving 221, and we came in about 25th, or in the 90th percentile, to put a good spin on it. Actually, everybody up there was reasonably close; we were only five hundred milliseconds behind the top score. We very nearly got knocked out here, though, succumbing to martians twice. I attribute to our high speed our ability to avoid them better than the folks who got knocked out. We certainly didn’t make any effort otherwise! Also up there I happened to notice a team called the “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator,”, which I think is a very cool name. I loved that cartoon when I was a kid.

Trial 3 Map The third trial left us with 186 contestants, with us tied for fourth place. We got nailed by a martian in the fourth run, but otherwise did all of our runs in a respectable time. Sad to say this was where the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator team bowed out, getting into trouble with martians the first four runs, and falling down a crater in the fifth. (“This makes me so angry, very angry indeed.”)

Trial 4 Map The fourth trial didn’t lose too many more, leaving us with 157 contestants, and us tied with six others for top place. All of the 22 folks at the top were eaten by a martian on the third run. The ratio of those that made it home that run increases steadily as time increases after that but the first guy who did avoid them that run appeared to pay about a ten percent time penalty on his best runs.

Trial 5 Map The fifth trial appeared to be a fairly easy one, leaving 145 contestants, us tied with four others for top place, and the followers very, very close behind. The top 18 were within 50 milliseconds of the leader, and the top 27 were within 100 milliseconds.

Trial 6 Map Trial six started knocking teams out again, especially with craters, leaving 94 contestants, and us in twelfth place.

Trial 7 Map And trial seven was the killer for us, knocking us out due to hitting martians twice and a crater once. It still left 77 teams in the running, however. I’m guessing that this is where the martians start getting tough, and you need some avoidance algorithms for them. (As I mentioned above, we had none.) If only we’d managed to get our crater avoidance working a bit better we might have made it through this run anyway, though.

Well, there’s always next year.

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