We'll start one day!

Posted on 2008-07-12 13:50 JST by Curt Sampson :: comments enabled

Well, we’re more than a third of a day into the contest, and finally starting to work on the rover controller itself. Following the great tradition of ICFP Programming Contest contestants (at least those who document their experiences), we spent the first several hours doing all sorts of things we could have done before the contest started, such as setting up our subversion repo, debugging everybody’s ssh access, setting up our standard build and test framework, and so on. And to think I used to laugh at other people in this position, thinking I would never be so dumb!

Actually, our team was planning a practice weekend before the contest, which would have made a huge difference in how fast we’re getting started now, but we somehow never found the time.

I came in rather late this morning, around eleven, which was probably a product of my staying up until five a.m. waiting for the task and then reading through it. My theory was that if I read it first, and then slept on it, I’d wake up with great ideas for how to do it. So much for that idea.

When I came in, Bryan, Eric, Lars and Leon were all busy hacking away, having gotten and come in much earlier than me to get a head start on being unprepared. Oh, and Ike over in Osaka had apparently had a little teleconference with everyone and then headed off to eat lunch and read the task.

Unfortunately, Lars not only has a TLUG presentation this afternoon, for which he left around one, but his laptop is also acting up and throwing little fits, so he may not even be back afterwards. So, basically we’re a team of five at the moment, which at least makes us elegible for the prize.

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