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About Us

Starling Software was founded in May, 2006 by Curt Sampson and Bryan Buecking, and continued until 2010, when both Curt and Bryan moved on to continue their interests at (and bring the spirit of Starling’s development process to) other companies.

For past and current information you should feel free to check the LinkedIn profiles for Curt Sampson and Bryan Buecking.

Starling’s internal product development was oriented towards tools for developers to quickly and reliably create, test and deploy software, especially database- and web-oriented software and multilingual systems. Starling also did extensive consulting for both development companies and end-users, particularly in the areas of business process improvement and software project management.

Selected Team Members

Curt Sampson, CEO and Founder

Curt Sampson has been involved in IT professionally since 1991, originally as a systems administrator and later as a developer. In the 2000s, realizing that in a corporation software development and design was not an end in and of itself, but an attempt to deal with business issues, he started examining projects in the light of business process analysis and marketing. Today, while still an expert in providing technological solutions, he analyzes holistically, and concentrates on providing both technical and non-technical solutions to business problems.

Curt was a founder of an ISP in Vancouver in 1995, worked at an investment bank in New York in 1999, and since 2000 has been a developer and manager at various Internet and software startups. He moved to Japan in order to help with internationalization and the mobile version of an on-line bookmarking web site. His most recent position before starting Starling Software was as the IT Director at Tabemo, the first real-time on-line restaurant coupon service in Japan.

Curt is also heavily involved in open source projects, and has started several. He is a NetBSD developer.

Curt can be contacted at or +81 90 7737 2974.

Bryan Buecking, COO and Founder

Bryan comes from a background in web design, usability, and programming. Since 1999 Bryan has also heavily involved in system integration and deployment on Windows and Unix systems. His main areas of interest today are marketing analysis, design and usability, and advanced programming languages.

In the late ’90s Bryan worked in the video game industry, working on projects for on-line distribution of games. In 2001/2002 he spent some time in Japan working with Curt Sampson as a developer on web technologies. Returning to Canada in 2002, he co-founded an e-marketing company doing search engine optimization and online marketing. In 2004 he placed 2nd in the Canadian SEO Championship.

Bryan can be contacted at or +81 90 9850 2912.