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Starling Software is currently dormant, as the principles are both deeply involved in projects that grew out of it. In other words, we are not currently taking on new projects or talking to new customers. (Past customers—we’re still willing to provide support for work we’ve done in the past, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.)

Thus, much of this site is currently of historical interest, at least for the immediate future. But what has Starling done in the past?

We specialized in solving difficult problems, many of them needing as much knowledge and work on the business side as they did on the software side. Our projects ranged from very large distributed websites (storing tens of terrabytes of video and delivering it at several gigabits per second) to high-frequency options trading systems. We paid particular attention to the software development process, both tuning our own internal processes to be fast and highly efficient and consulting with other software development companies to help them do the same.

We developed several unique proprietary products (all of which have been sold) and some open source products as well.

We also promoted functional programming and Haskell within the Tokyo community and even world-wide. We founded TSAC, a Tokyo-based group for functional programmers, built an automated trading system in Haskell from scratch, wrote papers on this (some of which were vetted by academic peer-review committees) and made presentations at international conferences. You can see a little more about this in the news links below.

You can learn a little more by following any of the links to the left.


2010-03-27   The next meeting of the Tokyo Society for the Application of Currying will be on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. at the offices of Tsuru Capital.

2009-09-10   Curt Sampson has posted slides for his ICFP presentation Haskell in the Real World and also his Haskell Impelementor’s Workshop presentation.

2009-08-22   Curt Sampson will be presenting his peer-reviewed paper, “Haskell in the Real World” at the International Conference on Functional Programming 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Tuesday, September 1st.

2007-11-12   We’ve just created a new blog here at Starling, this one for commenting on more technical issues, though non-technical people may still find some of the articles useful for insight into the development process. It’s called My Beautiful Code

2007-09-27   We’re excited to announce that we’ve open sourced one of our primary development tools. Our QAM application framework, written in Ruby, is now available under the MIT licence, which makes it free for anyone to use for any purpose.